Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remove Those Age Spots For A More Youthful Look

People nowadays are trying to prevent as well as reverse the aging process by delving more and more into scientific methods. A lot of individuals wish to hold on to their young-looking looks in spite of the course of time which is basically why the beauty industry has greatly committed itself towards research and development on how to preserve one’s youthful looks from aging. Among the most detested signs of aging is the manifestation of age spots.

Age spots are distinct spots that primarily show on one’s face and skin once the person hits the age of 40 and above. The spots appear as grayish/brownish/dark colors that are flat and come in various dissimilar sizes. The spots mostly appear on a person’s shoulders, arms, face, and hands – where the sun usually hits the most.

If you already have age spots, what are some of the remedies you can use to remove them? Treating age spots or removing them has many methods, like for example: specially made creams, microdermabrasion, cryosurgery, laser treatment, and chemical peels. Skin-bleaching products used on the skin to lighten the age spots can also be used.

However, using skin-bleaching products to lighten the spots is not entirely effective since the spots are really still there, and are somewhat visible. To erase age spots, numerous individuals have turned to cosmetic lasers. With laser treatments, a lot of people have attested that their age spots have been effectively eliminated and treated. Using lasers to remove age spots may require two or more sessions with a certified specialist to completely get rid of the spots, depending on which area of the body the spots are and their quantity. $573 is the average charge of a single age spot removal session and a person will usually have to undergo a minimum of two spot removal sessions.

The results from laser treatments have been noted for seemingly being more permanent compared to other techniques for eliminating age spots.

On the other hand, for the patients who unfortunately get exposed to the sunlight again, the age spots will appear once more. These spots that surface on the skin after being exposed to the sun are actually new age spots, not recurring ones that have already been erased via laser treatment.

You should strictly steer clear of the sun after undergoing all your laser treatments to remain free from any age spots for a longer period of time.

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