Thursday, December 16, 2010

Skin pigmentation – 9 main reasons

skin pigmentationNo matter how beautiful your skin is, if there is pigmentation on face or dark spots on face, it still looks ugly. Thus, it is worth the effort to understand reasons of skin pigmentation and find ways to get rid of it.

Genetic reason

If you know skin pigmentation is a genetic trait that runs in your family, you need to be extra careful in your effort to prevent sun exposure to lessen the chance or seriousness of skin pigmentation.

Feminine hormone

Women will experience imbalanced hormone secretion during pregnancy, giving birth, certain stage of menstrual cycle, and menopause that will increase chance of getting skin pigmentation.

Aging skin

Accumulated dead skin cells will cause skin becomes thicker and harder to let skin pigment to disintegrate by itself.

Over UV exposure

UV (Ultraviolet) radiation will cause cells underneath skin to generate large amount of dark pigments and that are hard to get rid off. Prolonged accumulation of these dark skin pigments will give dark spots on face.

Poor blood circulation

Lack of exercise or having repetitious movement will cause poor blood circulation that is hard to disintegrate dark skin pigment.

Prolonged exposure to high heat environment

Under prolonged exposure to high heat environment such as kitchen or construction site under sun, the skin cells that generate dark skin pigment become active.

Irregular and hectic lifestyle

Lack of sleep, staying up all night, insufficient nutrients will affect skin cell regeneration, giving stress to hormone secretion process that causes skin pigmentation.

Inappropriate skin care

Improper use of cosmetic or skin care product that contains lead or mercury will cause skin pigmentation.

Side effect from medicine

Consumption of contraceptive drugs, antiepileptic drugs will also promotes secretion of dark skin pigment that gives skin pigmentation.

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