Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting Rid of Dark Skin Spots

We always see our moms putting on heavy creams before going to bed, as a child I never quite understood why but now that I have grown to be a woman I’m beginning to comprehend the need to have this nightly skin care. We are plagued with good looking women on magazines, atop those billboards on highways and in TV. We envy those supermodels and Hollywood stars that have flawless, rosy and supple skin and we tell ourselves why it’s so hard to achieve perfect skin like them. I can tell you a number of reasons why, but let me start of by saying it’s not too late to care for our skin and the earlier we learn to love it, the more it will give us the younger, brighter and radiance that we so long for.

There are a number of causes why women have dull and aging skin that are prone to dark spots and uneven skin tone. Here are the most common causes you need to avoid.

  • Pollution – although this very hard to avoid especially if you live in the city and you commute to work everyday. It would be best if you can be in air conditioned transportation on your way to work or if it’s not possible always bring a handkerchief to protect your skin from vehicles smoke while running on the road.
  • Sleep deprivation – dark circles under the eyes are caused by insufficient sleep either by working late or from too much stress, you worry for hours making it harder to catch a good night’s sleep Remember the body needs to rest to regain strength and cope with the day’s stresses.
  • Poor skin care – the culprit of having zits or pimples is when you forget to wash your face or get that make up off before dozing to sleep. With all the pollutants and dirt that your skin endures for the day plus the heaviness of make up products your skin really needs some cleansing before you hit the sheets. Try to have a skin care regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturize before going to bed.
  • Aging – this factor is inevitable but with proper hygiene, skin care and a healthy lifestyle we can achieve a graceful aging process that reflects in vibrant skin and a positive aura. Putting on anti-aging and nourishing creams on the face can slow down the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Drinking adequate fluids will help retain the elasticity of the skin.
  • Sun exposure – We all know that the sun’s rays are very harmful to the skin and direct exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer. For people with lighter skin, they are more prone to the risk of developing skin cancers as they have minimal protective pigment called melanin. Applying sunscreen when outside is now a must for every individual who wants to avoid the harmful effects of the sun. It is ideal to put on a sun screen that has above 50 sun protection factor especially when out to the beach.

All these precautions will not guarantee getting rid of dark spots but they will help in preventing more damage to the skin that causes these uneven skin tones. Dermatological treatments can help in treating dark skin spots but they are more costly for an average house wife or working girl so it’s best to stick with the basics of a healthy lifestyle and good skin care regimen.

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