Monday, April 11, 2011

Age Spots And Hyperpigmentation Discoloration Of Skin

age spots, the pigment color of skin

Database describes dermatologic disease pigment as a relatively common diseases, but this is not harmful a person’s health. although this kind of situation will be very ugly and embarrassed, it is not malignant.It can appear in all, regardless of race or age. the pigmentation of sunshade is refers to a person’s skin. Super conditions cause a person’s skin to become black. Period for specific performance condition patchy areas skin. Now there are many causes the pigmentation, from certain illnesses excessive sun exposure, to a particular prescription.Performance overproduction or uneven distribution of pigment melanin, brown skin pigmentation skin protection from the burning of sun exposure. In stimulate melanin, can make the skin tan plaques, sometimes is caused by the body’s inflammation, such as autoimmune disease or injury, but also may be due to excessive injures the skin.Brown markings can also is due in stimulating the epidermis because exposure YuChaoZi (UV) light from the sun’s rays. Spots caused by ultraviolet ray is mainly found in the face, chest and hands, or anywhere is typical of exposure to the sun.There are various forms of pigment. Melasma performance for dark brown to dark symmetrical plaques, usually found on the cheeks, temples and foreheads. Melasma can occur in pregnant women or those women hormonal contracepties or experience the imbalances and more common in black skin of the individual.All the acute bronchitis are sharpened continuous sunshine illuminate, autoimmune disease, or photosensitizing drugs. Lentigines, also called spots or liver spots, occurs only chronic exposure to UV, usually is flat, oval, brown. they can find the most common hands and face, will likely increase with age.Other types of pigment is due to some diseases, such as Peutz – Jeghers syndrome, where spots appear on lips, skin cancer or leopard syndrome. Addison’s disease, adrenal disorder, excess iron in the blood, cirrhosis also can cause skin splash.Some drugs can promote skin bleak, including antimalarials, chemotherapy drugs, phenothiazines and tetracycline. Tonal discoloration displays could certain types of drugs, the body is to make the response. create excessive melanin drugs in the epidermis will create a brown stain and melanin production leather will produce a hue display bluish hues.share

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