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7 Causes of Black Spots on Face

7 Causes of Black Spots on Face – Know your causes of black spots, and then you find a solution. This is the right step.

7 Causes of Black Spots on Face
Black spots on the face makes women feel less confident. Various factors could cause the problem. And, to avoid it, you should know the cause of the black spots on the face.
What Causes Dark Spots On The Face?
Here are some causes of black spots on the face:

1. Ultraviolet Rays
Of course, the main cause of black spots on the face is exposure to sunlight and UV rays. It will damage the sulfihidril group in the epidermis, so it can not bind to Cu ions from the tyrosinase enzyme. As a result no one hinder the process of pigmentation.

2. Hormone
Black spots can be caused by several types of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and MSH (melanin stimulating hormone). Typically, these hormones will increase during pregnancy or contraceptive use.

3. Drugs
Be careful with the use of certain drugs such as difenilhidantoin, mesantoin, klorpromazine, cytostatic and minocycline. It can cause black spots. These drugs are stockpiled the dermis layer of the upper and cumulatively can stimulate hyperpigmentation.

4. Genetic
Black spots can be caused by genetic factors reported the existence of a family of about 20-70 percent of cases.

5. Race
Hyperpigmentation often found in Hispanic and dark skin type.

6. Cosmetics
Several types of cosmetics can make black spots appear faster. Be careful with the type of cosmetics that contain perfumes, dyes, or certain materials can cause photosensitivity that can result in hyperpigmentation of the face, if exposed to sunlight.

7. Idiopathic (not clear)
In some cases, the appearance of black spots on the face of unknown cause.

How to Remove Dark Spots on Face
To overcome the problem of black spots on the face, we must see what the cause and level of thickness. And if it is chronic we can help to attenuate and disguise it, and it also requires patience and regular control. Perfect treatment is a causal therapy is to find the cause.

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