Sunday, September 4, 2011

Freckle Removal

Freckles are tanned, flat circular spots that develop randomly on the skin. They are particularly common in people with fair complexion on the upper body skin areas such as the cheeks, nose, shoulders and arms. Freckles can vary in colour, they may be reddish, tan, brown, yellow or black and are basically slightly darker than the surrounding skin colour. Freckles tend to become more apparent and darker after sun exposure and will fade in winter months.

Freckles can be prevented by using a high sun screen, using a wide brimmed hat, using protective clothing and by avoiding the peak sun hours.

There are many freckle removal methods that you can try which have proved to be safe and effective methods that can lighten or reduce the appearance of freckles:

Bleaching/fading creams. Products that contain hydroquinone and kojic acid can be used to help lighten freckles if applied constantly over a period of months. These creams will be most effective if you avoid the sun. You should do as much research as possible when it comes to bleaching agents as some can cause chemical burns or rashes, Especially when it comes to people with sensitive skin as they can cause an unpleasant irritation and breakouts.

Cryosurgery. Not all spots respond to freezing or burning but a light freeze with liquid nitrogen can be tried for freckle removal

Laser Treatment. There are multiple types of lasers than could help to lighten and decrease freckles safely and effectively. This is known to be a simple and safe procedure with a high success rate.

Photofacials or intense pulse light treatments. This is another method that will lighten and remove freckles, this is an intense light source, not a laser technique.

Chemical peels. A chemical peel can help to lighten freckles whilst improving irregular pigmentation.

You may be able to benefit from trying any of the methods above, but you should keep in mind that several dermatologists strongly recommend prescription strength retinoids for the treatment of freckles. For best results a combination of treatments used frequently may be required.

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