Friday, September 30, 2011

Pigmentation The Dark Side Of Skin Discoloration

Pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation commonly known as dark spots is widespread among woman. Several women suffer from it due to stress, environmental factors and also during pregnancy. However, pigmentation is not confined to woman: man also suffer from pigmentation or darkening of complexion. Asian skin is especially susceptible to hyper-pigmentation.


The precise cause of pigmentation is unknown. People with a family history of pigmentation are more prone to the problem. Medication such as birth control pills also causes pigmentation. However, it is excess exposure to sunlight that is considered to be the most important factor, Ultraviolet light from the sun or even strong light from light bulbs can stimulate pigment producing cells. Any irritation of the skin may cause an increase in pigmentation in individuals with dark complexion. Pigmentation can also be aggravated by certain condition such as long-term or chronic illnesses, hormonal problems, carcinomas, vitamin B12 deficiency, liver diseases, mal-absorption and nutritional deficiency.


Solar protection is crucial, particularly sun screens. Sun screens should be broad spectrum, giving you compete cover against UVA and UVB rays that emanate from the sun. To be on the safe side, use a SPF 30 or higher protection factor. Sun block or sun screens should be applied on a daily basis.

All factors which aggravate pigmentation should be prevented. For example, dry or chapped skin is easily prone to irritation. Therefore, use a good quality skin lotion or cream, daily around bedtime.

Facial cleansers, cream or makeup which irritate the skin should be immediately stopped as they worsen pigmentation. If pigmentation develops after the use of any medication, then it should be discontinued immediately.

If you are considering using higher concentrations of depigmentation agent, make sure to consult a dermatologist. In all, managing pigmentation requires a combine and comprehensive approach. It normally takes a few months to improve pigmentation. If you suffer from skin discoloration, don’t be embarrassed. It’s better to do something about it; and remember millions of people develop skin pigmentation conditions at some point in their lives.

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