Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Six Skills Help You Reduce Freckles

Generally speaking, freckles are caused by the synthesis of melanin irradiated by the ultraviolet rays. They mainly scatter around cheeks and bridge of the nose. Some people think that freckles can seriously affect their beautiful face. They always make use of various skin care products to reduce these freckles. If you really want to reduce freckles, you must grasp many skills in your daily life. Generally speaking, six skills can help you reduce your freckles.

First, you must clean your face thoroughly every day. Many experts advise people to wash face for two times. At first time, people can use makeup remover to eliminate the cosmetics and dust. At second time, people can use facial cleanser to further clean their face.

Second, you can use the water used to wash rice to wash your face. The beneficial substances contained in this water can eliminate the dirt on your face.

Both vitamin B and vitamin E contained in the water can nourish the skin. Therefore, after you wash face with facial cleanser, you can massage your skin with the water for three minutes before you use warm water to clean the face again. This is the best way for you to prevent the formation of freckles.

Third, you must choose high-quality skin care products. Skin care products must be consumed in a certain season. The lead and oily fat contained in these products can induce the appearance of freckles.

Fourth, you should shorten the time of applying cosmetics. You have to put on make-up when you go to work. As soon as you get home, you should clear away all the cosmetics on your face.

The most important point is that you must eliminate the cosmetics thoroughly. If you do not clear away the cosmetics absolutely, the freckles and stains can be caused.

Fifth, you must always protect you from the sun and whiten your skin. In summer, it is necessary for you to protect you from the sun. At the same time, you should grasp many skills to repair and whiten your skin. The irradiation of ultraviolet rays in summer and the use of fluorescent lamp at home can induce the formation of stains. It is necessary for you to protect your skin from the attacks caused by strong light and ultraviolet rays.

Sixth, you can often drink tomato juice to reduce freckles. A cup of tomato juice each day can effectively help you reduce freckles. A high content of vitamin C contained in tomato can effectively restrain the activity of tyrosinase and resist the formation of melanin. Thus, freckles can be effectively reduced.

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