Thursday, April 19, 2012

Age Spot Removal: Home Remedies for Age Spots

Age spots are also known as sun spots, solar lentigines, liver spots or dark spots. Age spots, are the brown spots on skin that are fairly common in people over the age of 40. These brown spots on skin are caused by aging and over exposure to the sun. However, age spots are most commonly caused by sun exposure, since these brown spots appear on areas most often exposed to sun --face, hands. Other factors like genetics may also play a role in the development of these dark spots on face.

Age spots on your face and hands make you look much older than you actually are. The appearance of age spots may be distressing for some people, but there are ways to get rid of and reduce signs of age spots. Laser treatment is one quick way to remove age spots. Laser age spot removal is effective in treating, but it can be a costly method. There also exists numerous home remedies, which can be used safely and easily to treat age spots on face. Find age spots treatments and home remedies for age spots and sun spots, using natural remedies and cures.

Home Remedies for Age Spot Removal
Home remedies for sun spots are based on simple easily available products that are readily available in your house. Here are some home remedies to get rid of age spots naturally.
1. A yogurt mask is one of the most effective homemade age spots treatments. Apply to face and let set for about thirty minutes, then rinse. Using a yogurt mask two to three times a week will lighten liver spots or sunspots on skin.
2. Raspberries can be made into great facial masks for help fade facial age spots and discoloration. Appling mask to those pesky age spots on your face, neck and hands helps reduce liver spots, softens and moisturizes dry skin.
3. You can mix apple cider vinegar with onion juice and apply directly to the dark spots. This home remedy will help reduce the appearance of dark skin spots on your face and hands.
4. Fresh lemon juice can be dabbed on the spot using a cotton ball twice a day. This is considered as one the best age spot removal remedy.
5. To get rid of your age spots fast, you can apply buttermilk. Natural bleaching agent in buttermilk helps to fade brown spots on skin.
6. Rub castor oil into your age spots every night. The dark spots on your face and hands will lighten over time.
7. Rubbing a piece of red onion on the age spots can help to lighten or get rid of your dark spots.
8. Aloe Vera juice and gel are good remedies to remove age spots on skin. Rub aloe vera juice or gel directly onto dark skin spots twice daily for removing age spots. You will see results in one month.
9. As an effective age spot removal remedy, mix apple cider vinegar with orange juice, and apply this on a daily basis. It will remove the brown spots gently and naturally.
10. To lighten freckles and age spots, mix half a teaspoonful of turmeric powder with a quarter cup of lime juice and apply to the skin spots.
11. A paste of saffron and honey can also help remove black spots. Apply this paste on the affected areas to remove age spots and to get a glowing skin.
12. The fleshy side of a papaya skin is best as an age spot remover. Take a small piece of papaya and gently rub it into the dark spots for 10 to 15 minutes at a time to gradually fade out age spots on your face.
13. Oil taken from unripe black walnuts is beneficial for the skin in treating wrinkles, and age spots.
14. Since age spots are caused by over sun exposure, the best way to prevent the return of sun spots is to avoid prolonged exposure in the sun. Before going out into the sun, apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

Get rid of those annoying and embarrassing age spots and sun spots with these effective home remedies. With the help of those natural age spot removers, you can remove your age spots on face and hands effectively without any side effects.

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