Monday, June 4, 2012

Best Tips for Pink Lips

Everyone has the desire to look good and lips are one of the first impressions that people leave behind. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, if you have dark lips they often reflect a shoddy lifestyle more than anything else. While some people also have lips that are darkened naturally, it is well known that many people get dark lips because of a number of reasons.
best tips for lips
One of the main and common reasons for darkening of lips is smoking and exposure to fake or elements that affect the skin on lips. In some cases it is also because women apply too much lipstick or use brands of lip stick that do not offer any protection for the lips from the elements. Drinking excesses of tea or coffee has also known to darken the lips to a certain extent and seasonal changes also affect a person’s lips. While it has become easy to put on some lip stick and hide it all for women, taking care of the lips is still a better option both for men and for women.
Rose petals are an excellent way to have lips look healthy and pink. Grind some petals into a paste and apply it to your lips before going to bed. It will perform the function of a natural lip balm and will deliver shine to the lips. Rose petals can be mixed with milk cream to make a highly effective lip balm that can be used every night. Honey mixed with crushed rose petals will also help add to the natural gloss of your lips.
Dead or dry skin tends to accumulate on the lips especially during colder and dry seasons. Use an old softened toothbrush to exfoliate the area where dryness exists. Be gentle when you do this as the lips can easily tear with the use of too much force. This remedy is useful for chapped lips too and produces best results when followed by the application of lip balm over the lips.
Do not use a mediocre brand of lipstick or lip balm. In many cases where people have darkened lips, it is because of the fact that they use a cheap or an unsuited brand of lip products. Such products easily cause long term damage to the lips and you should consult a dermatologist for treatments.
Our diet affects each and every part of our body and maintaining a balanced, nutritive diet is also highly important. Do not smoke or drink in excess as it can cause harm not only to your lips but also to other parts of the body. Excess consumption of coffee or tea is also harmful for the lips and should be avoided. Also do not expose your lips to the environmental elements as they too can cause damage. Natural remedies are the best ways to keep your lips looking healthy and pink without investing much time or money.
You should use lip balms rich in SPF. It is essential to save your lips from sun damage.

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smita sharma said...

It's funny that you mentioned this, because I was going to state this in my initial post, that there are people who get Lip reduction procedures, because they want smaller lips, but my problem is just the opposite.