Sunday, June 10, 2012

Skin Care: Dark Circle Treatment

Two skincare posts in one week!  My, my.  Well, today is a special post as I’ve been getting a few questions about treatments for dark undereye circles.  Those pesky buggers can make you look tired and older, even when you’re young and active, so I definitely understand why I get so many questions about them.
The reason why we even get dark circles under our eyes is rather simple:  the skin surrounding the eye is extremely delicate.  As we age, the skin there loses its natural suppleness and the hollow bone there can create a shadow.  There may be excess fluid near the eye, creating a look of puffiness and dark colour.  Also, women of colour may have excess pigment there that creates dark circles.
But a treatment is here, it’s one I’ve used for quite some time and it works! It’s a simple treatment using olive oil, a product that naturally lightens skin, in combination with firm pressure and massage.
Dark Circle Treatment with Olive Oil (Step by Step Pics below)
Step 1 Get 100 %olive oil.
Step 2 Take two teaspoons of olive oil in microwave safe bowl.
Step 3 Warm for a minute in the microwave.
Step 4  Apply small amount at night around eyes avoiding too close to lashes.
Step 5 Digit presssures as indicated in pictures.  Apply slightly firm pressure and hold for four seconds.  Digit pressures helps with circulation and gets rid of toxins around the eyes, which gives a brighter look and helps diminish dark circles.
Step 6 Leave on overnight to wake up to brighter eyes.

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