Sunday, July 29, 2012

Causes Of Dark Eye Circles

Are you worried about fighting your dark under-eye circles? Before you do so, you must first know the causes behind dark circles. Many a times you must have wondered about the cause of the dark eye circles in spite of abundant sleep. Sleep may be just one of the causes for dark circles. Dark circles only make you look exhausted, dull, boring and unattractive. So, get to these causes behind dark circles and try to avoid them as much as possible.
Makeup- If you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies then that might be a cause for your dark eye circles. The skin under your eyes is the most supple and hence, it is affected first. Any eye makeup that you use might be responsible for your dark circles. So, always use hypo-allergic cosmetics that will not cause any harm to your skin.
Causes Of Dark Eye Circles

Anaemia or improper kidney function might also cause your dark circles. So if you are anaemic or suffer from improper kidney function consult a doctor and get medicines. This will not only cure the respective diseases but also reduce your black under-eye rings.
Fatigue And Sleep- Excessive work pressure may put extra stress on you both physically and mentally. This gets reflected in your eyes and you develop black under eye rings. Also lack of sleep or excessive sleep leads to dark eye circles. You should never sleep on your stomach as it puts pressure on the facial skin and eyes. The under eye region being the most tender part of all facial skin starts getting affected first.
Dehydration- Dehydration is also one of the causes for dark circles. Less fluid intake would lead to improper blood circulation in the body. This significantly affects the blood vessels under the eyes and you develop dark eye circles. So drink lots of water and stay hydrated the whole day.
Pigmentation- Exposure to sun shoots up the melanin formation in our skin. This skin colouring agent is to be found more in people with dark skin complexion. This causes dark skin patches under the eyes. So wear sunglasses or use an effective sun block before you step out in the sun next time.
Unhealthy Lifestyle- Smoking, drinking or excessive night outs may lead to dark circles under the eyes. Such excesses cause blood vessel dilation. As the skin under the eyes is thinner than any other part of the body, it swells and dark patches are formed on it.
Try to stay away from all these factors if you do not want to develop black under eye rings. Look all the more beautiful with flawless skin and no dark patches to spoil it.

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