Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fact or Freckle: The Truth Behind 5 Beauty Myths

Whether we’ve been gently reprimanded by our mothers or swapped tips with friends, we’ve all heard certain beauty myths. It’s time we find out once and for all what’s a fact and what’s really a freckle (fiction).
Crossing your legs causes varicose veins: FRECKLE  
Varicose veins are primarily impacted by factors like genetics and obesity. Crossing your legs is not harmful at all. In fact, standing, especially in heels, is more likely to cause varicose veins than sitting.
Drinking water will make skin more hydrated: FACT AND FRECKLE  
While being adequately hydrated is certainly a factor of overall skin healthiness, drinking more water is not a replacement for moisturizers and creams. Keep drinking water, but don’t expect it to smooth out lines.
Putting toothpaste on a blemish will make it disappear: FRECKLE  
While toothpaste does dry out the skin like a spot treatment, it also tends to irritate and can cause redness. Toothpaste kills bacteria in the mouth, not bacteria that causes acne. Instead, try a regular spot treatment, likeNeutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment.
Sleeping on your back can help prevent wrinkles: FACT
Over an extended period of time, sleeping with your face smushed in the pillow can lead to wrinkles, regardless of your pillowcase’s fabric.
Plucking a gray hair will make ten more grow back in its place: FRECKLE
Plucking hair does not increase the number of total hair follicles, so pluck all you like. Seeing a few grays just may mean it’s time for a trip to the salon.

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