Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to get rid of dark pigmentation

Most people tan in the sun on their skin darkening pigment to achieve the desired skin tone. Occasionally, however, the pigment can be developed is not desired or expected, such as spots or part of the skin, the development of a skin pigmentation than the rest of pigmentation darker skin. The most common age spots – sometimes referred to as liver spots – which tend to occur more frequently in older individuals. A birthmark and dark part of the skin, however, excessive exposure to the sun for other reasons. Fortunately, there are several methods can be used to remove the dark pigment deposition.
Step 1
The use of chemical peel kit to burn off the upper layer of your skin. Chemical peel package usually has a burn the epidermis – acid and pigment caused by these dark spots. With the passage of time, skin healing, and instead create new skin cells overexpressing pigment cells. Chemical peel kit you can buy for use at home, a lot of beauty spa and salon treatment, but medical experts recommend that you received treatment from a health care professional in order to prevent the occurrence of skin lesions.
Step 2
Bleaching drug prescription, and will remove your skin darkening. According to the Mayo Clinic, age spots can be treated with topical bleaching creams containing hydroquinone. You can also use retinoic acid binding fade out in a a mild steroid few months process point. These treatments require the patient to avoid direct sunlight to avoid damage to the spots on the skin.
Step 3
Get a microdermabrasion treatment from a doctor or dermatologist. This treatment uses a fast-moving brush, steel wire or diamond wear the topmost layer of your skin and remove pigment. Chemical peel, this process to encourage the growth of new skin to replace the highly pigmented skin and falls more in line with the color of your skin with the other. Redness and a temporary scab treatment, it is best to use small spots, pigmentation most concentrated possible side effects.
Step 4
From a doctor or dermatologist for laser treatment. This is the most expensive option, but it can effectively remove the dark pigmentation on a large scale. The sewage treatment plant by using a laser beam focus on burned pigment and skin cells and stimulate new cell development to replace the killed cells.

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