Friday, May 8, 2015

6 Simple Tips To Help Fade Dark Knuckles

Having dark knuckles can be a difficult thing to deal with for women of colour. It could be that you have them naturally or they could have been induced either by bleaching, excessive tanning, exposure to extreme/hazardous washing agents etc.

For a quick fix, here are some natural methods to help women who have dark knuckles

But First, What Causes Dark Knuckles?
You need to know that it could be genetic, a health issue or based on how you use your hands. For instance, dark knuckles become more emphasized when you use a lightening cream or if you expose your hands to a lot of chemicals including washing agents, bleach used for clothes or excessive washing of hands.

You must remember that because you use your hands a lot, your routine must focus on pampering those hands. The skin around the knuckle is tough and any lasting routine must have the ability to keep the area soft to enable it absorb any treatment, and include some type of scrub to help peel off the dark skin and hyper-pigmentation.

On that note, check out these tips by Obiageli Ajaero that can be used for both hands & feet to help you get rid of those dark knuckles.

1. Get a bottle of a good revitalizing lotion. Use a Q-tip/cotton bud/ear bud, dab it in the lotion and apply it on your dark knuckles. Be sure to lay on a thick layer of the lotion and ensure it gets absorbed into the skin. After the 5-minute mark, clean it off or rub it in.

2. Another great way to moisturize your dark knuckles is to use raw shea butter. First take a scoop of the butter and smother your hands and feet with it. Be sure to use this on your feet as well. Shea butter has properties that help even skin tone and moisturize the skin and will work well in reducing the darkness on your knuckles.

3. If it is severe, for the first week, after applying the Shea butter, wear disposable non-sterile powder free vinyl medical examination gloves on your hands and sleep over night with it. This will help lock in moisture to begin the peeling process. Then wash your hands with a mild scrub in the mornings.

4. For the feet, apply shea butter and then wrap your feet. The heat generated from the closure of the bag will help with peeling the skin fast. Do this every night for 1 week.

5. If it is not severe, then simply wear a cotton glove for your hands and a pair of cotton socks for your feet for about two weeks.

6. Using a scrub or skin polish as well is great for dark knuckles. Scrub the dark areas 2-3 times a week to help exfoliate the skin and reduce hyper-pigmentation.

If these do not help, you may need to see a dermatologist. Remember, a qualified dermatologist is a doctor! Consulting with uncertified beauticians can lead to damaged skin.

SOURCE: bellanaija

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