Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shaping Up Your Lips


Through a knowledge of what you can do to correct lip shape you can truly achieve a perfect finish to your face.Study the shape of your lips, identify the defects, if any, and decide on what you want to achieve and then proceed.

1.Small Mouth With Small Lips:
These are easily corrected by taking the lip liner pencil outside the natural lip line.Work slowly and steadily to form a perfect shape.Fill in with primer and finally with the lipstick.A highlight of frosting on the upper lip would also create an impression of fullness.
2.Large Mouth With Full Lips:
Apply liquid foundation makeup to the entire mouth, then outline with a dark shade of lipstick just inside the natural contours of the mouth.Then aply lipstick of a lighter shade carefully and accurately within this outline.Subdued shades work well for this kind of mouth.Use medium toned lip colours and avoid dark browns, plums, electric brights or pale shimmer shades.
3.Full Upper Lip:
Aply fluid foundation makeup to the upper lip.Outline just inside its natural contour and apply a dark shade of lipstick.Then outline the lower lip just outside its natural contour and emphasize by filling in with a lighter shade of lipstick.
4.Full Lower Lip:
Outline upper lip just outside its natural contour.Apply a light shade of lipstick and in the center add a touch of lip gloss.Apply fluid foundation makeup to the lower lip. Outline just inside its natural contour.Then fill in with a darker shade of lipstick, using a lip brush.
5.Wide Mouth:
Cover the corners of the mouth with foundation makeup or a cover stick.Apply lipstick with a lip brush, stopping a few millimeters before the corners of the mouth are reached.

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