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Breast Enhancement Surgeries, Which One Is Suitable For You?

Before deciding to undergo any breast surgery, it is important to have a clear knowledge on the different types of breast enhancement surgeries available.

As recommended by Yvonne Lee in her book "To All Women Who Want To Enhance Their Breasts Naturally, But Don't Know How To Start", it is best to seek several consultations with different surgeons as different surgeons might be using different techniques, have different opinions, and will have different aesthetic preferences.

One type of breast enhancement surgery is "Benelli Mastopexy (Peri-Areola breast lift)". Peri-Areola breast lift is one of the several techniques for breast lift whereby the scars are designed around the areola. It is useful for women with a projecting nipple/areola complex (sometimes called torpedo or missile shaped breasts), and can also be used to reduce the size of the areola at the same time. To be suitable for Benelli Mastopexy, the patient must be in good health, and not have any active diseases or pre-existing medical conditions. Due to the natural stretching and sagging of the breast skin after pregnancy, it is highly recommend that the patient waits until she no longer wants to have any additional children before having the surgery.

Another type of breast enhancement surgery is Breast augmentation. It is technically known as augmentation mammoplasty, it is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a women's breast for several reasons. The reasons could be to enhance the body contour of a women who feels that her breast size is too small; to correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy; to balance a difference in breast size; or even as a reconstructive technique following breast surgery.

Each patient should understand that in every surgery, pain and discomfort would be included. As every individual has different body constitutes, they will need to spent different amount of time on their recovery process, this would results in a loss of time from work and other activities. As all surgical procedures produce scars, it is important to be very sure of what your decision is before proceeding, as the scar is permanent.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) is another breast surgery available. Breast lift surgery is performed to remove the excess skin of sagging breasts without greatly reducing the size of the breast. It is usually done as a cosmetic procedure whereby the breast is given a more youthful, and perky appearance.

Breast lift is suitable for women who are happy with the size of their breasts but are dissatisfied with the sagging and loss of firmness that occurs with age. Breast lift surgery can be performed in healthy women of any age. As some older women have a higher possibility of sagging breasts, it is more common for them to choose breast lift surgery.

For those women that intend to enlarge their breasts using implants, they can also consider breast lift to be performed in conjunction as it has a lifting effect for the enlarged breasts. A woman that wishes to raise the position of downward facing nipples or reduce the size of large areola can consider Mastopexy too. This surgical procedure is also a choice for those who want to balance asymmetry of breasts or to match a healthy breast to one that has been operated on for breast cancer.

Breast reduction is another surgery performed by cosmestic surgeons. There are several reasons as to why some women choose to undergo breast reduction surgery in some part of their life. They could face the pains of being tortured by neck, and back pain due to the large sagging breasts. Their shoulder could also be sore due to the bra strap cutting into them. To some, it may even be difficult for them to exercise, play sports, and fit into clothing. Therefore, breast reduction surgery is performed to produce smaller, lighter, and firmer breasts that are more proportionate to the body. These results could help to heal the patient's physical or emotional pains.

If the patient is a smoker, he/she will be required to stop smoking for at least a week before and after the surgery. For those who are overweight, they will most likely be asked to loss the extra pounds before the surgery. Women intending to breastfeed some point in time are not recommended to undergo this surgery. Women with elastic skin would have a better chance for the breasts to transform back to its original tightness.

It is very important for you to consider the risk and complications of breast surgery. A number of online web site functions commercially, this make it possible for them not to disclose all information about the complications and risks of breast surgery. It is important to collate information from different sources as it could aid in your final decision-making.

The above information is found in Ms Yvonne Lee, internationally acclaimed book "To All Women Who Want To Enhance Their Breasts Naturally, But Don't Know How To Start". It describes and details the most important breast enhancement techniques from every corner of the world. Author Yvonne Lee, provides an unbiased pro-and-con analysis of each technique, in addition to practical information such as how and where to get it, cost, and potential impact on insurance coverage. The ebook version of the book is now available at:

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