Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cosmetic Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery To Enhance Your Beauty

More and more people are taking advantage of cosmetic plastic surgery in order to improve not only the actual image, but also their self image. Lifting self-esteem, cosmetic plastic surgery takes the normal structure of the body and modifies it in order to make the person look more appealing. Although cosmetic plastic surgery is now a simple procedure, it is very expensive and not covered by health insurance.

Sometimes cosmetic plastic surgery is performed for medical reasons. For example, a woman may need a breast reduction due to the large breasts causing severed back problems. Most of the time cosmetic plastic surgery is done to change physical features that the patient doesn't like about themselves.

Being that 11.9 million people underwent cosmetic plastic surgery in 2004, these procedures have become very routine. Since this is a surgery, you do need to be extremely careful about who performs the surgery. Be sure to verify credentials when choosing a surgeon.

Cosmetic plastic surgery has been defined as a surgery to "repair defects of form or function" by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Not only is it considered cosmetic, but it is also known as reconstructive in nature. Some of the types of cosmetic plastic surgery include tummy tuck, ab etching, eyelid surgery, breast enlargement, butt augmentation, chemical peel, breast lift, nose jobs, ear surgeries, face lifts, removing fat from the body, implants, cheek augmentation, collagen, and mesotherapy.

When is a Good Time to Have Reconstructive Surgery?

Unlike cosmetic plastic Surgery, reconstructive surgery is done for people who have physical abnormalities due to various reasons, such as congenital defects, developmental problems, trauma, infection, tumors, or disease. Many times the reconstructive surgery is done to help improve physical appearance, but it is also done for physical abnormalities that may present a problem to the patient.

Whereas cosmetic plastic surgery must be paid out of pocket, you can typically get your health insurance company to cover the cost of reconstructive surgery. The amount of coverage will depend on each insurance company, but at least you are paying less than you would for cosmetic plastic surgery. Some of the most typical reconstructive surgeries are breast reduction for mastectomy patients, a cleft lips, and palate surgery.

Sex reassignment surgery for transsexual patients is also considered reconstructive surgery. This type of surgery is also used for burn survivors to repair the skin and to close skin after tumors have been removed. Microsurgery has become a way to enhance reconstructive surgery. This process involves transferring tissue to a location that doesn't have enough tissue available for regular reconstructive surgery.

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