Sunday, November 30, 2008

Causes and Treatment of Acne in Adults

Hormones and Acne

Acne caused by hormonal imbalances, is influenced by the androgen presence in the body. The androgen hormone stimulates the segregation of sebaceous glands. An example of this is when androgen stimulates the sebaceous glands during the menstruation; therefore the women tend to have different mud or shinbones during this time. Level of stress in our body affects the androgens, so when we are nervous we tend to suffer more.

First, one must go to the doctor so that he determines if the acne is due to hormonal causes. Once the doctor post diagnose, then he will decide what is the best treatment. There are several options including contraceptive pills. The contraceptive pills are the commonest (but reserved to women) option to treat hormonal acne.
In many cases the dermatologists work altogether with the gynecologists to find the causes and to coordinate the treatments.
For male cases, extract of herb saw palmetto is popular, as it get hormones in natural balance.

Cystic acne

It is the very severe form of acne that contain inflamed pus-filled and painful lesions. This acne leaves many scars and often affects the self-esteem of sufferer. The treatments for this type of acne are a challenge. Normally this acne does not respond to common medicines or cosmetic treatments. The only verified cure that offers the traditional medicine is “isotretinoin” which is sold under the names Accutane® or Roaccutane®.

The Accutane® or Roaccutane® is a miraculous but very controversial drug at the moment. It is the most successfully option in treatment of acne, but possible side effects scar a lot of people. This medicine has been connected to cases of suicide although this is not totally verified.

Many women with adult acne use treatments with antibiotics or other products of topical use (applied to the skin), but 60% of women do not respond to these treatments. These women must go to the dermatologist to find a solution.

Accutane®, Roaccutane® - is it for you?

If you have an allergy to the vitamin A or any of its derivatives this medicine is not for you. You cannot either use it if you are thinking about becoming pregnant – it can cause deformations in the fetuses (50% of the cases). Accutane must not be used in acne cases where problems with the liver are diagnosed. This medicine is prescribed by dermatologists only most of the countries. While the medicine is taken, the doctor must be making examinations of the liver periodically, because the vitamin A in massive doses can affect this vital organ.

This medicine is very severe. It acts drying the sebaceous glands. In this process while skin is dried including places where it’s not desirable, it’s very important to protect yourself from the sun because of increased skin sensitivity.

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