Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Last Acne Solution - My Experience

In 21st century world, we are able to choose a lot of different solutions of options to treat acne. Thanks to TV, most average informed people only know about big name acne solutions and products, or they just go to the pharmacy without any knowledge and buy some topical solution or medicine. I was doing the same thing a long time ago. Back in the days i didn't have internet access and i was not informed. My mother wanted to help me and she used to buy for me commercial acne products. No dermatologist did not know to explain to me my problem and find the solution for me. I was in the point in my life where i already tried all acne solutions and products. And nothing helped at all. I was desperate and seriously depressed. My social life was ruined.

I can say that i cured my acne problem by myself. And i am not doctor, not dermatologist.
I am sharing my experience and information with other acne sufferers all over the planet. I always thought in myself that if i ever fix the problem i am gonna share that information.

What's the Secret of Acne?

First of all, the people need to change the way they look at the problem. First fact and start point in finding acne solution is that every single person is different, with unique body characteristics and character. Acne is not caused by one factor, acne is caused by lot of interconnected factors. The most notable and basic causes are: hormonal imbalance, toxins and immune system. There is number of cofactors which work together with these basic factors. That's Stress, bad diet, weak intestines and/or liver, lifestyle, environment etc.

Since all this factors are interconnected and causing acne, that means that your body is working like a machine, and all bad waste caused by all this factors are coming to your skin. But, wait, there is other people with hormonal imbalance, improper diet, people who deal with everyday stress - and they do not develop acne? Yes, there is one more last and most important factor: Genetic. Your skin is prone to acne breakouts due to inherited characteristics. Little bit is known about this, but basically there is a some keratization and cell level problem in the pores of the acne prone people. You cannot do much about genetic, so i will not go into details about it here.
It seems to be very complicated, but actually it's not. Just follow the text.

So how to cure acne?

All these factors causing acne are working together and they are extremely interconnected. Think of your body like a machine. If one part fail, all other parts suffer. Do you know that such a simple thing like a Vitamin C or Zinc deficiency can be root problem of acne? People are buying and waste money on expensive acne products without knowing this single facts.
To cure acne you need to follow your own path of trial and error. But there is some order in it.
These are the general guidelines and path you should follow to find the solution for your acne problem.

The First things you should look for:

Vitamin and mineral deficiency. (every MORNING take good multivitamin with all vitamins and minerals in it - it's very important not to use one vitamin alone as all vitamins and minerals are also interconnected and work together)
More every-day sport activities.
Improving diet and eating variety of healthy food with lot of fruits and vegetables.
Do you drink enough Water to eliminate toxins?
Do you getting enough sleep? 8 hours per day at least?
Are you stressed? Try Meditation and calming, breathing exercises. Eliminate Stress.

In the same time you should try some of the acne products containing small amount of benzoyl peroxide (usually 2.5%). It's chemical known to heal acne in lot of people and is main ingredient in most of the famous acne solutions. The most prominent is Pro Activ. You can try Pro Activ and see if it's working for you. 60% of acne sufferers who used Pro Active reported that they are satisfied with the product. Anyway, if you are not the lucky one you can always take advantage of their 60 days money back guarantee.
Second very effective topical treatment is chemical azelaic acid and most notable product containing this chemical is Skinoren. Azelaic acid kill the bacteria, same like Pro Activ, and also making skin less oily and skin environment less prone to acne. From my experience, azelaic acid is more effective and easier to use than benzoil peroxide.
Remember that all treatments need at least three or four week to be effective.

Only after you completed all this things together and after month or two, you are sure that your acne problem is still the same and there is no improvement, you need to go further in looking for acne solution. Things you should consider in this stage are:

What's the condition of your intestines organs? Do you have a upset stomach problems? This can be behind your acne. Make sure you eliminate food which your stomach "dont like" and supplement yourself with probiotics and stomach enzymes for better food breakdown.
What's the condition of your liver? You should try drink herbal liver supplement: Milk Thistle. This herb help the liver to become stronger and eliminate toxins and extra hormones.

Some doctors are prescribing antibiotics for acne, but from my experience they do more harm then good. Antibiotics are doing damage to your stomach and intestines and later this can also agrreviate acne, so antibiotics can have oposite effect. However, if you are trying antibiotics make sure to supplement yourself with probiotics in same time.

You spent few years in searching for acne solution, you tried all of this above, and your acne are still present? You are in the same, desperate condition as i was a years ago?
The name of last acne solution is Accutane or Roaccutane. I've been on one 6 months course of Roaccutane 3 years ago. Today i am 25 and since Roaccutane i don't have acne problems. There is some mild-acne breakouts from time to time, but i am keeping them clear with Skinoren(Azelaic Acid), good diet and good quality multivitamin every morning.

Roaccutan worked for me. But why it is last solution?

Because of serious side effects. Roaccutane is a very serious medicine which can be toxic if not used properly. Person needs to be supervised by the doctor or dermatologist, to check the blood every few weeks. This medicine can do harm to other organs, such is liver, stomach and eyes. But i was lucky and did not have serious side effects.

That was my path of searching for acne solution. I hope i helped you in your efforts. If you have any questions you can contact me in the chat box at the right side of the blog. Good Luck!

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