Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dark Skin Beauty Secrets

Nowadays having dark skin is very popular. Many of us who have light skin want to look tanned. So to darken our skin tone, we sunbathe or go to a solarium.
However, some people, such as native Australians and African-Americans, are naturally dark skinned.
Skin darkness is conditioned by the increased amount of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the pigment that protects the skin from sunlight and slows down the aging process. It makes black people look younger than light-skinned people.
Black skin requires as much care as any other skin. Different types of skin need their own skin care products. Black women should find out what black skin care products may have the best effect on their dark skin, and only then take the first steps in treating the skin.
Black skin care sometimes differs from that for Caucasians and Asians since a black skin care product needs heavy oil. It penetrates deep into the skin and leaves skin healthy, but not abundantly oily.
Black skin is highly allergic. Thus, it is always beneficial to use natural products rather than chemical.
Dark skinned women should not use skin lighteners or bleaching creams containing steroids. These creams can cause permanent skin damage. The skin will obtain permanent redness, thinning and blood vessel streaks. They should also avoid skin lighteners or bleaching creams containing mercury.
For everyday skin care, you should use cleaners, moisturizers and purifying supplies meant for black skin. An important black skin care product is a sunscreen. Its daily usage will help prevent irregular pigmentation from occurring.
If you have skin problems, don’t linger. Get proper black skin care products, and reveal your whole beauty.
Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Start your skin treatment immediately.

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