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What really causes acne!

Classic acne patient doesn't exist. Those people who have acne are all from different ethnic groups, age groups, and different lifestyles. But one thing is common : frustration with the state of their own skin. They are searching for informations about what is the real cause behind the acne and why this disease is happening to them.

There is no such a thing as a single cause of any health problem. We can only talk about cofactors, causative agents and life situations that like pieces of puzzle interact with each other, and together promote a chain of events ending with a named set of symptoms and health problems & with Acne.

All disorders and health problems that happen to humans are multidimensional, because we, humans are multidimensional.
Modern medical science is manly interested in physical and tangible world. It blames too many problems on bad genes, bad viruses, bad bacteria, ...

Genes are always a factor of our health, but that is the only factor we can't do anything about. Genes only represent our predisposition & potential to encounter certain problem or disease. It is our life and our lifestyle as whole that makes the final decision on whether we are going to experience certain problem or not. The truth is, no illness and no disorder or any health problem is caused by a single factor!
There are virtually hundreds of cofactors / hundreds of causative agents that each have casual relationship to poor immunity, poor health, accumulation of toxins inside body, poor thoughts, and that promotes illness!

Let's start at the beginning.

There are three major organs in the human body that are responsible for the elimination of waste and toxins: the liver, the kidneys and the skin. We take for granted that the skin is an organ involved in the excretory process. Many of us treat our skin like we might a vinyl floor, scrubbing, overcleaning, overdrying and applying harsh chemicals to it. Not only is this type of treatment unnecessary, but it can cause longterm harm to the skin, and will probably not improve the situation much.

If the liver and the kidneys are overwhelmed by the number of substances to be cleared and eliminated from the system, the skin takes over. The liver will clear caffeine, hormones, allergens or sources of sensitivities, chemicals, including food additives and coloring agents, as well as a host of other substances to which you are exposed on a daily basis. It is no small wonder why many of our livers are crying out for a little support.

The skin, in an effort to back up the liver and the kidneys in the removal of unnecessary substances from the body, will become overwhelmed and affected by the amount of waste that is forced out through its pores. This process disrupts the skin's integrity and affects its appearance.

Sometimes the appropriate topical treatments are enough to help the skin cope with the overload. By keeping pores open, by absorbing excess oil and keeping the proliferation of bacteria in check, the correct product may work to clear the skin.

However, if the problem is more extreme, or of a deeper underlying nature, more may be required.

Serious medications such as accutane have serious side effects. They correct the problem, at a cost. In some respect this type of medical treatment simply kills the symptom (the acne) without addressing the underlying cause. In some cases, acne recurs, albeit in time.

If your objective is the preservation of longterm and comprehensive health as well as beauty, the key is to lighten the load on your other excretory organs, and watch the skin begin to clear. This sounds easy, but is in fact no small task.

Anyone who survived adolescence knows that hormones begin to rage during the teenage years. This is usually the time when acne makes its first appearance. Later in life, we may experience it again with hormonal changes, including premenstrual and perimenopausal episodes.

While any hormonal excess can promote acne, the male hormones (which are present in both males and females, only in differing amounts) are particularly notorious for stimulating the cells in the hair follicle to produce more keratin (a hard protein that forms hair, skin and nails). Additionally, male hormones such as testosterone cause the oil glands to enlarge and produce more oil. This traffic jam of substances trying to escape the pore can cause a blockage.

The blockage of the hair canal can in turn promote the overgrowth of bacteria, which will promote inflammation. This is the redness that you see when a pimple becomes infected. Not all pimples, however, become infected.

If the bacterium grows out of control, the hair canal can rupture. If it does so on the surface of the skin, the result is a pustule. If it does so more deeply into the skin, the result may be a cyst, which requires a doctor’s intervention to successfully treat. Cysts can result in significant damage and possibly scar formation, so it is well worth the doctor’s visit.

Interestingly, blood levels of testosterone are not always indicative of a hormonal overload. The problem appears to lie in the skin’s ability to metabolize the hormone. Acne patients show a greater activity of an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone into a more potent form, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The conversion into DHT seems to be the more direct cause of the acne, and is also the primary cause of unwanted facial hair in women.

Ok, we have learned that really cause of acne is different in everyone. We've learned that all toxins,hormones etc, that liver can't deal with,goes straight to the blood and end up on the skin surface. Now,we will go straight to the problem.

One or more of this things causes acne in you, but have in mind that all those factors are interconected:

- toxins in your blood (from junk food etc. -> it leads to -> liver function problems,poor digestion)
- hormonal imbalance (overproduction of hormons that liver cannot deal with )
- skin’s inability to metabolize the hormones ( problem is 5-alpha reductase enzyme, which converts testosterone into a more potent form, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which actually causes acne).
- simply lack of one or more vitamins or minerals (very rare)
- combination of all this factors (when problem cannot be traced)

However, it is not yet known why this takes place in certain sebaceous glands.

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