Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ways to prevent Freckles

With frequent exposure of the skin to sun, there is also a risk of getting freckles on face. Freckles are just pigment cells contained within the skin in small batches of spots developed randomly on the skin. Freckles are usually light brown or tan but the color may vary according to individual. While freckles may look ugly on some, they are not an indicator of any health problem. Given below are some ways by which you can prevent freckles and keep your face spot-free.

Freckles look ugly on a majority of people and thus there has been a rise in cosmetic treatments to get rid of them one of the most common of them is the use of bleaching agents but these can lead to chemical burns and rashes. So, why not prevent freckles in the first place as it is an old saying that prevention is better than cure. The basic and simple preventive tip demands protecting your skin from harmful sun rays as they are responsible for a freckled face. Avoid going out during peak hours and always wear a hat to prevent the sun from directly hitting your face. Use sunscreens of minimum SPF 30. Do not get tempted by tanning beds as they can expose your skin to lots of pigment-inducing UV rays. In addition to protecting your skin from sun and its UV rays, you should also check out whether you are taking any medication, either internally or externally, which is triggering those pigments on your face. Usually, many people develop freckles due to use of antibiotics and birth control pills. There are also certain home remedies like washing of face with sour milk or naturally bleaching it through lemon juice. Whatever remedy you try, always remember that freckles take time to go away and there’s no magical formula to dispel them in a jiffy. The best way is to prevent freckle formation and for that you need to follow the above given precautionary steps.

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