Sunday, January 11, 2009

All Natural Cures and How It Affects You

Long before commercial drugs were invented and used, people resort to all natural cures for virtually all kinds of diseases or disorders they encounter or suffer from. The most common all-natural cures are herbal medicines. In spite of all the controversies and questions posed by scientists against these all natural cures and even with the emergence of clinically tested and scientifically proven pharmaceutical products, people still continue to use them today, holding on to the traditional belief that anything ?natural? is ?safe.?

Herbal Remedies

Plants and plant extracts are all natural cures proven by elders to effectively cure diseases ranging from skin disorders like acne and allergies to diabetes; asthma; headaches; muscle pain; constipation; premenstrual syndrome; kidney, liver and other organ disorders, and a whole lot more. There are simple all natural cures as well for common and minor ailments like sunburn, pimples, burns, common colds, swelling, athlete?s foot, dandruff, sinusitis and even for bruises and insect bites.

Using herbal medicines is a traditional and even ancient medicinal practice for curing both major and minor diseases. Even before man studied the plants, earliest generations already believed plants? natural nutrients, minerals and components help remove toxics in the blood, sooth wounds, restore damaged tissues, produce certain vitamins essential for the curing of a disease, aid in proper circulation of the blood, and strengthen the immune system.

Today people still use plants and pant extracts as all-natural cures for diseases not only for their cleansing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, but because all natural cures are also less expensive compared to high-priced commercial drugs. And since they are natural, they are friendlier to the environment compared to many toxins and chemicals used in other forms of treatment. In addition to these, all natural cures are very helpful in cases of emergencies and when you cannot go to the drugstore to buy first aid medicines.

Other forms of All-Natural Cures

Food ? One of the best ways of naturally preventing diseases is to eat the right kind and the right amount of food. Specifically, you have to eat food rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins that would keep you healthy and away from any kind of ailment.

Herbal dietary supplements ? These dietary supplements intended for ingestion in forms of a capsule, pill, tablet or liquid, have all-natural ingredients. Aside from having all-natural herbal or botanical components, they also have added vitamins, minerals, amino acid and the like that have good effects to the health. For many years, they have been used to cure and prevent health disorders. As food supplements through, they are not intended to replace conventional food, but rather, to add to the total daily food intake.

Home Remedies ? These refer to some foods and things commonly found in a household that are used in curing common ailments such as colds, fever, headaches and stomach aches. All-natural cures like plants are mostly used as home remedies. For example in treating headache and fever, willow bark tea is given to the patient. Willow bark is said to contain acetylsalicylic acid that is found in aspirin.

Chicken soup is also a very good all-natural cure for upper respiratory tract infections. It contains many substances that have medicinal properties that are particularly helpful in mitigating inflammation.

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