Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to Fight Hyperpigmentation Effectively For Smooth and Light Skin

Take a careful look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see some patches or spots on the skin? If yes, then you too are facing the problem of hyperpigmentation. But don't worry - help is at hand. There are ways to fight hyperpigmentation effectively.

First things first. You might be wondering where these patches have actually come from. Let me answer it before I start with the ways to fight hyperpigmentation.

Our skin has a pigment called Melanin which determines the color of the skin. Higher the melanin content, darker the skin will be.

When we stay in the sun for prolonged hours, the harmful rays from it cause over production of melanin in the skin. Due to this excess melanin getting generated in the skin, it starts depositing in the upper skin layer.

These deposits are what you see as dirty looking patches on your skin. They are most common on the face, hands and neck. Though usually harmless, they take away the clean look of the skin and also make you look double your age.

So, what are the ways to fight hyperpigmentation? There are many. The most popular ones are chemical treatments, laser treatment, chemical peeling and freezing. They are popular only because they are fast in showing results.

There are various reasons why I do not personally recommend these treatments:-

(i) They cause a load of side effects like skin bruises, skin allergies, irritations, redness, itchiness and even permanent scars.

(ii) They do nothing to prevent the patches from re-appearing in the future. They simply treat the patches that exist today. I do not consider this a complete solution to fight hyperpigmentation.

(iii) The results are satisfactory but are not permanent. The patches will reappear after a few months and then you will have to keep taking these treatments all your life. They make you dependent on them.

(iv) They are painful and burn a large hole in your wallet too.

Why would anyone want to resort to these techniques when there are effective and permanent ones already available? Simply because the results are quick? Even when you know that they are temporary and ineffective. This is simply beyond me!

A better way to fight hyperpigmentation is to use natural ingredients like Extrapone Nutgrass which helps in reducing the melanin content and Phytessence Wakame which protects the skin from the harmful sun rays.

These ingredients and many other similar ones are powerful enough to clear away the existing patches and also ensure that they do not recur anytime in future. The results are extraordinary; not to forget that they are painless and absolutely safe from side effects.

So wait no longer. Look out for a good natural anti aging cream containing these natural ingredients which can bring back the clean, clear and smooth skin. I can recommend one such effective cream which has a large customer satisfactory feedback, if you too want to join the satisfied customer band wagon, visit my website listed below.

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