Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to Remove Age Spots on Face Safely & Effectively?

When an adult reaches the age of 40, the skin can develop dark pigmentation known as age spots or liver spots. These dark spots are caused by skin discoloration due to prolonged exposure to the harsh UV radiation from the sunlight. Therefore age spots can develop at any parts of the human?s exposed body such as at the hands, the feet, the face, and the shoulders.
To many people age spots on the face can create much embarrassment in their social life. Nowadays, dark skin pigmentation is no longer a permanent mark. The development in the dermatological field has brought us many solutions to improve and renew our skin to get rid of the dark spots. So, how to remove age spots on face effectively and quickly?
Today, many options are available to remove the dark skin pigmentation such as using laser surgery, freezing method, micro dermabrasion and chemical peels. All these treatments usually need several sessions to complete, and they can cause superficial damage to the skin such as leaving behind scars or white spots.
Laser Treatment:
Laser surgery is the most effective treatment method and has least destruction to the skin. The laser beam can be selectively set up to remove the dark pigmentation without harming the surrounding skin. The healing duration is much shorter with laser surgery except the treatment cost can be very high.
Skin Whitening:
Skin bleaching cream is the most popular method to get rid of age spots, but this treatment is only useful for people with fair skin. For those with a darker skin will have to use hydroquinone skin bleaching products which may cause skin irritation when use.
Freezing method:
Liquid nitrogen with temperature below -196

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