Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Common Causes of Spots and Freckles

Pressure is one of the most common internal causes of spots and freckles. The secretion of adrenaline increases in order to tackle the pressure when a person is under pressure. If such adrenaline is in a high secretion for sometimes, our body metabolism will be affected. When metabolism is affected, the nutrition supply to our skin is also affected. Therefore, spots and freckles may be formed due to the high activity of pigment cells. Therefore, it is important to relief your pressure regularly.

The other internal cause of spots and freckles is malfunction of ovaries. When ovaries cannot function properly, we are likely to have hormonal disorder. Hormonal disorder increases significantly the chance of pigmentation in skin and spots formation. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and life style for proper function of ovaries.

External factors like UV radiation is also a common cause for dark spots and freckles. UV radiation causes damages to skin cells. In order to protect our skin from such damages, skin cells produce a dark pigment called melanin. Dark spots and freckles are caused by such melanin. Therefore, in order to reduce dark spots, we need to reduce the production melanin. We can protect our skin with sun care products (SPF 15 or above) which reduces the production of melanin.

Other than UV radiation, skincare and cosmetic products may increase the chance of spots formation. Though skincare products are designed for caring of skin, the irritating ingredients contained in some skincare products actually make your skin sensitive. When skin is sensitive, melanin is again produced to protect your skin. If such sensitive skin exposed to sunlight, spots and freckles are easily formed. Therefore, it is important to choose those mild skincare products that suit your skin type.

Facial cleansing is the first step of skincare procedures. This procedure benefits your skin only if you can do it properly. Otherwise, it may make you skin even more sensitive and lead to over production of melanin. Once when melanin is produced, you are likely to have more spots and freckles.

To properly cleanse your face, you first need a mild facial cleanser with 4.5 to 6.5 pH value. Limit the frequency of daily facial cleansing to three. Both hot and cold water are irritating to skin, so you better use lukewarm water instead. When cleansing your face, you should massage gently and rinse thoroughly. Finally, you need to apply facial toner immediately to soothe your skin.

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