Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Get Rid of Freckles

Freckles are light brown patches of skin found particularly on those with light skin. These then often become darker in the sunlight. This occurs through the production of melanin that reacts to the sun rays. Freckles can be very attractive and many people find them 'cute', and when you reach old age (around the age of forty) most people will find their freckles disappear by themselves. However, should you wish to remove your freckles yourself there are some ways to do so. Here we will offer some suggestions:

Use bleaching cream: Bleaching cream inhibits melanin which courses darker skin tone. This is normally applied topically and will gradually cause freckles to fade. Lemon juice can also have a similar effect for some.

Get treatment: There are a range of treatments that can remove freckles. These include laser treatment which lasts for a long period of time but require a couple of days to heal. A dermatologist meanwhile can recommend chemical peels, which peel away the top layer of the skin. They might also use a liquid nitrogen to freeze and remove freckles that way.

Use sour milk: Sour milk is a home remedy that can cause the face to peel as a result of the lactic acid. However of course this has the downside of not looking particularly appealing itself.

Use makeup: You can cover up freckles with makeup. Particularly a foundation that brings your skin up to a similar tone so that the contrast between your skin and the freckles is less noticeable. For the same reasons a fake tan may also work. Alternatively try using a concealer to cover them up individually.

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