Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Complete Guide on Removing Age Spots on Face

By Rizvana Abdul

When it comes to removing age spots on face, the first thing that flashes on our mind is real bad experiences that we had earlier in doing the same. Almost all of you might have tried some or the other cream or similar products for your skin to make it look awesome but ended up in vain. You will not like to make another try on your face after being misguided for a while with the fake products out there in the market.

Age spots are not just restricted to your face as you can find them on your other parts as well including shoulders, arms and hands. Before you think about removing age spots on face, it is important to understand what they are and how do they come up. After that you can decide as to what step can be taken to get rid of this and to also to prevent it from appearing again.

There are several names by which age spots are commonly known and they include brown spot, liver spot, sun spot, solar lentigine, lentigo and lot more. Earlier people used to say that liver spots where present due to some problems with liver and the same with age spots. But the fact is that it does not have anything to do with the age or the liver even though you can find many more in an old aged person. The color of the spot varies from brown to red and even to a black dot varying in sizes from one individual to another.

When you think about removing age spots from face, the first thing that might prick you is from where do they actually come up? Sun is the major cause of everything and exposure is the only reason why you are getting the so called age spots or very correctly known as the sun spot. With increased exposure to sun, there are people who have very less of the melanin pigment mostly the fair ones and thus it is not possible for the pigment to protect the body and thus remains as such as it is unaware as to how can the process be done to prevent sun damage. This actually results in the formation of spots from the abnormal melanin pigment.

There are many of them who have the common doubt as to whether this spot is cancerous or not. You can find evidences of the spot turning out to be very dreadful at times even though it is considered to be harmless on the whole. A physician can examine the same and let you know about removing age spot on face and also about telling about the nature of the same.

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