Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tips : Removal of Dark Spots on Face

The most sensitive area of body is our face and everyone takes effective measures to protect it as much as possible. So, having dark spots on the face is a bane for almost all women. According to dermatologists, hyper-pigmented skin is top skin problem of women. Dark spots on skin are identified by the patches of uneven colored skin that usually come in to view after the disappearance of the pimples or skin bumps. An uneven facial complexion makes women more anxious. Mostly, dark spots on face are caused due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Aside from sun exposure, other possible causes include genetic make up or the recurrent application of bad skin care products. In this article, some tips are provided by which you can effectively remove dark spots from your face.

Dark spot Face

Although people of all ages can suffer from dark spots on face but they are mostly observed in old people as their skin is exposed to sun for prolonged period of time. The concentration of natural coloring agent melanin present in the skin determines the color of skin. People who have high concentration of melanin have dark skin compared to those who have very less melanin. Melanin is produced more when skin is exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Then, it gets accumulated in the form of small clusters beneath the skin, which come into view as dark spots.

Tips to Remove Dark Spots on Face

Nowadays, numerous skin products are available in the market and such products have been especially developed to improve complexion of skin. Some home remedies are also effective to remove the dark spots of the face.

Vitamin E

For the disappearance of age spots like wrinkles and also the stretch marks on the skin, vitamin E is very beneficial and it is scientifically proved. It is also proven to effectively help heal scars and make them disappear slowly but surely. On the dark spots, apply some vitamin E oil and let it to penetrate on that area. Use this oil at night if you feel greasy throughout day and then rinse your face in the morning.


Honey contains many renewing properties so it is very good for the health of skin. To fade away dark spots, apply honey to the area and let it sit there for about twenty minutes. After that, simply wash off your face. You can also use it by combining with some wheat germ which adds lightening effect to the skin without any irritation.


The lactic acid content of the milk helps to improve the texture of skin and also works to whiten one’s complexion. Soak a cotton ball in some milk and dab it on the dark spot of your face. Both sour milk and buttermilk are good sources of lactic acid so you can select either one to lighten the skin without irritation.

Vitamin C

Citrus fruits like lime or lemon, orange, etc. are good sources of vitamin C. They act as bleaching agents and ultimately help to lighten dark spots of face. Dab some juice of citrus fruit to a cotton ball and apply it directly on the dark spot. You can also apply it by using Q-tip or your finger. After application, gently rub it for sometime and leave it. Among all citrus fruits, lemon works best.

Extrapone Nutgrass

This herbal ingredient works best to fade away dark spots of the skin. Additionally, no allergic reactions or risks take place by the use of this ingredient. Melanin production can be successfully blocked by the use of extrapone nutgrass as it has the ability to prevent the formation of this skin pigment responsible for the dark spots on face.

Saffron & Honey

Prepare a paste by combining saffron with honey and apply this paste on the dark spots as it works very well. Allow the paste to sit there for about 20-30 minutes. Then, simply wash off your face.

Plant Combinations

Different plant combinations also work best to remove dark spots of the skin. Prepare a paste of 100 grams each of neem leaves, basil leaves and mint. Before preparing the paste, grind the leaves for making it smooth. To this mixture, add rose water and little amount of turmeric powder. Apply the paste on face and allow it to remain for about 20-30 minutes and then rinse off.


Prepare a face mask by using the ingredients available in your kitchen. Combine chopped parsley, grated cucumber, fuller’s earth, grated onion and rose water together and then apply this mixture on the face every week. Another simple recipe for preparation of such a face mask is mixing of oat flakes, honey & milk. Then, apply it on the affected skin area. It removes black spots and age spots on face without any harm to skin.

Chemical Peels

To get rid of the ugly looking dark spots on face, you can use glycolic acid peels also named as alphahydroxy acid (AHA). To treat acne scars, almost all salons offer facials by using glycolic acid peel. Such peels contain a chemical solution of glycolic acid which is applied on the face during the treatment. On removing this chemical from face, the dark spots also come off with the dead skin. Also, it helps to create new skin cells and forms a new layer of skin by replacing old layer. During the first session, dark spots will become lighter and at the end of the treatment, you will be left with fair, clean and healthy skin.

Lightening Cream

You can also use skin lightning creams available in the market to remove dark spots on face. A lightning cream containing hydroquinone acid helps to fade away dark spots as it contains bleaching agents which also lower the production of melanin in the skin.

So many alternative options are available to remove the dark spots on the face. You can also opt for laser therapy for quickly removal of dark spots from face. It is an easy method but quite expensive and not affordable for everyone. Aside from laser therapy, another method is microdermabrasion in which aluminum oxide crystals are applied on the skin surface by using controlled pressure. In cryosurgery, unwanted skin cells are annihilated by freezing them.

Besides these tips, you can put number of preventive measures to avoid the recurrence of the dark spots on face. Consumption of foods such as lemons, tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, drinking lots of fluid and water, helps to purify the blood and remove toxins from the body. Make sure to apply daily facial sunscreen when going out in the sun to protect your face and prevent occurring of dark spots. Do not forget to exfoliate the skin regularly as it helps to remove dirt and filth from the skin pores, preventing formation of acne and acne related dark spots.


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I guess natural remedies does not totally remove dark spots, let just say that they can at least lessen its appearance. Only sun spot laser removal can totally remove it.

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Good post, in order to remove dark spots, at home peels have been found to be effective.

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