Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 causes of skin aging is necessary to understand

Skin aging is caused by hormones, environmental factors, lifestyle factors and genetic factors.
Aging is a natural process that eventually everyone must suffer. Aging causes changes in skin appearance and texture. Maintain a youthful glow to the skin can be achieved with the help of food products such as anti-aging argan oil. In addition, the procedure for setting delay aging, we must understand the different causes behind it.
Hormones help aging skin
Dry skin, thin skin of poor quality, less elasticity, the problems of grain and wrinkles are the signs of hormonal aging. Hormonal changes associated with aging hormone. In terms of production and the fluctuation of hormones involved, this type of aging can take place at the beginning of a person's life or later. In general, aging is associated with stages of menopause hormones for women.
The problems of aging due to environmental
Aging caused by environmental factors is classified as an extrinsic aging. This means that aging is caused by environmental factors, external and internal processes are in the body. Pollution and sunlight are two factors involved. The sun's radiation can cause DNA damage and can damage the skin of the natural ability to regenerate. aging environment typically occurs early in a way that can happen to anyone regardless of age. However, you can avoid this type of skin care aging right. Wrinkles, skin is dry and brittle, or excessive pigmentation of this type are the signs of skin aging.
bad habits and lifestyle can make us look and feel older than us. In contrast with the practices of skin care in good health, bad health habits to accelerate the aging of the skin. Smoking is a bad habit that has a negative effect on the skin. Research has shown that smoking can lower levels of vitamin C in the body that leads to dry skin and wrinkles. Another bad habit that can accelerate skin aging is sun exposure as well. As mentioned above, premature aging of the skin is also caused by one of the elements of the environment is the sun. When you think of being in the sun, protect skin against the harmful effects by applying a sunscreen with SPF wide. Lack of sleep, stress, alcohol abuse, and lack of exercise are lifestyle factors that can lead to skin aging.
Aging caused by genetic factors
An inevitable process of aging skin is aging genes. E 'is characterized by wrinkles and folds of skin and skin sagging. The aging of the skin of this type is due to the genetic makeup of a person. For example, the quality of the skin such as age and may be similar to the skin of their parents, who inherited genetically. natural aging is genetic and caused by a slowdown in the production organization of skin proteins as important as collagen and elastin.
Although aging is natural and inevitable, you can always make your skin look great with a lot of resources and routines of skin care can be done alone.

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