Sunday, June 26, 2011

Skin Pigmentation Issues

The Skin color depends on the numbers of melanin which is even known as pigment. Whether your skin color is dark or fair or brown the numbers of pigment are responsible for it. The numbers of pigments are determined by the skin exposure to the sun light. The more you get exposed to the sun light the more melanin will be produced to protect your skin from harmful sun rays known as ultraviolet. So if you are getting exposed to sunlight frequently you will have more melanin and dark color. As far as skin pigmentation issue is concerned, it is all about the dark or light patches on your skin. So if you are facing this issue then either your melanin is too high or too low. The pigmentation may create an uneven skin tone and patches on the skin. But please note that the sunlight is not only responsible for Skin Pigmentation but the hormones are equally contributing to it. The aging and skin impurities can add in the skin pigmentation issues.
There are lots many skin improver and sensitive skin care tips but before that we must analyze the prospective causes for Skin Pigmentation issues.

  • Melasma: This type of skin disorder is mostly seen in the pregnant women. This is developed in the skin due to harmful sun rays or hormonal changes. Melasma develops dark spots and patches on the skin.
  • Solar Lentigo: Most of people having light skin or less melanin face this skin disorder which has freckles and brown spots.
  • Vitiligo: In this type of disorder the skin has white patches and spots. In such case the skin stops producing melanin.
  • Albinism: People having light pale color, yellow and light hairs and gray eyes are the victim of this skin disorder which is a genetic trait and there is no cure of this. The victim has to adopt sensitive skin care.
  • Lichen Simplex Chronicus: This disorder carries dark spots with irritation and itching.
  • Pox: The small pox or pox that comes up with capillaries and leaves holes on the skin.

The pigmentation issues are mostly faces by the people having very sensitive or sensitive skin. So this is advised to have sensitive skin care. The aging spots and scars are the part of pigmentation and can blemish you beauty. There are many effective skin improver ways to get rid of these problems. Cleanser your skin daily it doesn’t mean that every time you wash your face the dirt and dead skin goes out. The Apple cider vinegar can help in cleansing purely. Sleeping is also a skin improver. If you have proper sleep everyday then your body will get enough time to relax and your body system can do proper cleansing. Moisturizing is equally important and especially essential for sensitive skin care. Always use the natural and homemade exfoliator or products that are dermatologically tested. For any serious irritation and itching contact the dermatologist they will examine the right causes and can help you with the requirement treatment and skin improver.

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