Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to Remove Dark Spots on Skin

Learn more about what causes black spots on the skin. Tyrosinase (enzyme copper) is accused of stains, and spots appear on the surface of the skin (often referred to as liver spots or sun spots). Most of these places from the sun, aging, and hormonal problems, liver disease, poor skin care or chemical irritants.

I've heard about you, but stay away from the sun! Or wear sunscreen SPF strong and hat.

Exercise and good diet can really help our condition the skin and maintain good health, liver, and the elimination of toxins, improve blood circulation. A balanced diet to improve the functioning of organs, to reduce free radical damage, because in our time.

And the use of hydroquinone is a tyrosinase inhibitor. You can buy it at the counter in 2%, which is higher than a prescription.

Try to use topical vitamin (c), which for some, it can not harm you in any way.

Glycolic acid to remove the skin surface, can help to wear the brown spots. At the same time there was a non-prescription products and prescription. You can enjoy the local spa facial hydroxy.

And can be combined with some of these treatments. More severe discoloration may require laser treatment your dermatologist or other more positive approach. Always make sure your dermatologist in case of doubt.

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