Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to spot removing most effective

Splash in the face, let the love you feel uneasy even when eating and sleeping, tossing and turning most want to know how to spot removing I’m afraid of is the most effective. Not a single women want spots shanglian, color spots yangwei, white water purification is the tender skin of every desire and pursuit of women. Following xiaobian teaches you a few spot removing folk remedies, rapidly drove color spots, summer white woman.

First: product care

Variety on the market, spot removing products, how to spot removing most effective spot on many women wrinkles his brow. Experts remind us that is rich in Fuling, Pearl essence, ginseng, Angelica sinensis, variety of Chinese medicine extraction of rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae Ou Quanlin whitening quban series, moderate non-stimulative, suitable for all skin types use to effectively drive away spots plagued, purify your skin as clean and white as Lily wants to drop.

How speckle-removing most effective, Ou Quanlin upgrade version only white quartz hwan speckle-removing essence liquid, special containing “Jiao 點sheng peptide technology” can induction basement film damage degree, intelligent lock melanoma deposition comparison serious of part, focus smashed melanoma stacked; while, “intelligent penetration formula” let whitening essence components more fast absorption, and can in colour comparison Dim of part focus NET white, other of part also can full whitening, order full NGAN skin fast infants precision of reached uniform net white of realm.

Second: brown sugar, speckle-removing method

How to spot removing most effective, brown sugar Detox nourish this special role, mainly because of its natural ingredients. Studies have found that sugar cane contains various essential amino acids, such as lysine, and Malic acid, citric acid, protein synthesis is the human body, support metabolism, essential foundation material.

Brown sugar can eat directly, or made mask, used to compress the face and massage your skin, also has good results. Here are made of brown sugar and honey is required to face du scrub, you can have color spots on your face instantly disappear, you white skin.

Third: self maintenance

1, how to spot removing the most efficient, insist on good eating habits, participate in sports, regulating emotions and, if necessary, secondary treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and regulation of the endocrine.

2, with the Palm of friction force, improves blood circulation, this has the advantage of stretch the skin, relieving muscle fatigue.

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