Friday, October 28, 2011

skin treatment for dark spots guide

Depending on your skin pigment you may have dark spots on your face or body. It is the exposure from the sun that causes the damage. You will learn some of the best ways to prevent hyperpigmentation or discoloration.

Medical prescriptionsfrom a dermatologist is needed if you are experiencing skin exposure damage that can be cancerous. Retin-A is often used known as Tretinoin it is a vitamin A used to treat acne vulgaris and comes in a cream or gel.

Home remedies for getting rid of dark spots starts with citrus fruits such as lemons or limes because of the natural bleachingproperties in the juice. Some people like to mix ingredients together to make a facial clarifying mask.

DIY skin recipes is an affordable way to improve the appearance of your skin no matter what age you are.

The lactic acid found in milk makes it a natural way to lighten dark areas on your eyes and face.

You can buy over the counter age spot and pigment lightening gel at your local convenience store if you do not have home ingredients to use such as honey, oranges or wheat germ.

Just remember that sun spots can vary from person to person, so before you try any homemade recipes check with a licensed skin professional to get the answers you need.

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