Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to the skin you were born with

We are all born with a gentle, soft, clear, and smooth skin. But not many of us can maintain the same beautiful texture and tone. This is because most of us treat our skin carelessly in the teens. Age, pollution, food habits and stressful lives ruin the complexion we were born with. At Berkowits International Hair and Aesthetic Clinic, professionals help in bringing back that skin. They say — We use a combination of multiple therapies which give outstanding results. Treatments are non-surgical with assured no side effects. They include treatments like:
An extremely effective treatment for acne, acne scars and other skin related problems. MICRO-DERMA ABRASION for scars pits pigmentation and stretch marks. This removes and exfoliates dead cells skin deep. It is excellent for acne, scars, and deep pits, sun burns for a tight and well toned skin. A combination of the above is used to effectively cure crow's feet, under eye dark circle acne and acne-scars, pigmentation. And freckles. Giving you an even toned smooth and youthful skin.
This is excellent for uneven skin. And to reduce spots to give clearer and lighter skin. Berkowits also specialises in weight loss programmes. It has advanced treatments of ‘Transion and Europe’ for body toning and shaping.

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