Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to Get Rid of Freckles

By Emma Drosy
Freckles are small brownish spots on human skin. Excessive and uneven pigmentation due to sun damage is the common cause of freckles. Some people find freckles to be attractive but most people with freckles that I know, wants to get rid of it.
There are various ways of getting rid of freckles such as chemical treatments and natural remedy for freckles.
What are the common treatments used to get rid of freckles?
• Bleaching agents and creams are the most common treatment used to get rid of freckles. However, bleaching agents may burn the skin around the freckles and may even cause scarring.
• Retinol is also used to lighten freckles. They are actually effective if treatment is continued for a long time. There is risk however that the skin around the freckles may lighten, thus giving emphasis on the brown spots.
• Laser treatment such as resurfacing may also be used to lighten the discoloration.
• Chemical peel and deep peeling are also done as treatment for freckles but recovery time may be significant.
• Modern way to get rid of freckles involve freezing with liquid nitrogen.
You will need to combine the above treatments with avoidance of sun exposure and using sunblock with sun protection factor 30 or higher. This will help avoid the discoloration or freckles. Natural remedy for freckles For those who want to get rid freckles using natural remedies, you may try the following:
• Rinse your face with sour milk. It will help minimize the darkening of the freckles.
• You may also try to use lemon juice to wash your face. It will lighted the freckles, but you need to be doubly sure you do not expose your face to the sun because your skin will be extra sensitive because of the lemon juice.
• Sour cream may also be used in your face as a mask. It will lighten the freckles. However you may not rinse your face afterwards, only wipe your face with soft cloth or tissue.
• Increase Vitamin C intake. This vitamin will make your face less sensitive to the sun. Therefore, you minimize the risk of developing more freckles than you already have.
If you are one of those you feel that freckles are nice to have on your face, how to get rid of freckles is not your problem. However, those of you who dislike this discoloration in your face may benefit from sun avoidance and sunblock.
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