Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fade Dark Spots on Skin - Remove Sun Spots on Skin

Continual sun exposure has one noticeable symptom – hyperpigmentation. It is commonly known as dark or sun spots.
This excess pigmentation is difficult to fade or remove but there is help available.
The first thing you can do is avoiding sun exposure. In case when exposure is inevitable you must use a sunscreen product.
Without sun protection, treating hyperpigmentation is a waste of time because the sun will only deteriorate dark spots and even cause new spots to develop.
Previously, the only option for lightening the dark spots on skin was a chemical bleaching agent called hydroquinone. It should only be used temporarily and since it can cause irritation, people with sensitive skin should avoid hydroquinone. Today there are gentler, botanical based lighteners.
Natural extracts such as mulberry, kojic acid and licorice break up excess pigmentation.
Better results can be achieved when natural extracts are combined with alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids.
You should include brightening products into your everyday routine.
A very convenient way to lighten the skin is with Donnell Super Skin Brightening Cream. One to three times a week exfoliate with Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant. This will fade dark spots and leave the skin looking brighter.
You must be persistent when it comes to lightening dark or sun spots. You will see results after six to eight weeks of continual use of lightening products. In some rare cases, very dark and old spots can take longer to fade.

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