Monday, October 20, 2008

Creams don’t limit sun exposure

A corticosteroid cream was applied to certain areas of their skin 30 minutes before exposure to the UV rays and to other areas either six hours or 23 hours after exposure; one area of skin was left untreated. No difference in redness was detected between the areas where the cream was applied after sunlamp exposure and the untreated area. However, skin that was treated before being exposed to the UV rays was less red than skin treated after exposure or not treated.

WHO MAY BE AFFECTED? Anyone who spends time in the sun. Burning occurs when exposure to the sun’s rays surpasses the ability of the skin pigment melanin to protect the skin from damage. Sunburn symptoms — redness and soreness — typically appear six to 48 hours after exposure.

CAVEATS: In everyday use, people generally apply corticosteroid creams after, not before, sun exposure.

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