Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fake Tan- does it affect melanin or not?

Fake Tan- does it affect melanin or not? I've read that fake tan uses a chemical, DHA that kind of dyes the outer layer of the epidermis browny orange. But I've also read that Fake Tan induces melanin increase. Is this just a cheap marketing ploy or is there any truth in the later statement?
If there is, that would be bad news for those who avoid the sun for the sake of achieving a more even skin tone. So, is Fake tan a dye or a melanin catalyst or both? Any scientists out there?
Best Answer
i actually researched tanning beds and fake tanning lotions for my senior paper and from my research the tanning lotions do not affect anything other than a layer or so of your skin. Its almost like dying your skin a different color esentially. But, no i haven't heard anything about that causing a melanin increase, but that would be nice wouldn't it haha =)

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