Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Laser–assisted hair removal, studied and evaluated

Trehan, October 20: A comparative study by Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences in Trehan indicated that unwanted hair removal


by lasers is more effective and safe when used separately, rather than in a combination.

Fifteen participants underwent four treatment sessions at eight weeks interval. Using legs as test patches, the different methods used on the subjects were, long pulsed 755-nanometer alexandrite lasers(12 and 18 millimeter spot size), long pulsed 1,064-nanometer Nd: YAG laser(12-millimeter spot size), and a combination of alexandrite and Nd: YAG 12 mm spot size lasers.

As part of the experiment, the average hair density of the subjects was measured with a hair counting device and a special software. The results were assessed by comparing digital photographs taken before and after the treatment.

After 18 months the clinical study evaluated a hair reduction of 75.9% for the 12 mm spot size alexandrite laser, 84.3% for 18mm spot size alexandrite laser, 73.6% for Nd:YAG laser, and 77.8% for the combination of the two treatments.

It was further perceived that the stinging sensation experienced was the maximum in the combination treatment, followed closely by the alexandrite laser treatment. The minimal discomfort was felt by the Nd: YAG laser. The areas receiving combination treatment also had more chances of being inflicted by hyper pigmentation (dark spots on skin).

There is not one laser, however, that is ideal for treating all patients, thus the need for multiple laser and an experienced physician, who can assess the best method of treatment.

Evaluating the benefits and safety of both laser treatments, the authors of the study concluded “The use of alexandrite or Nd: YAG laser system alone for at least four treatment sessions and with eight week intervals have long term persistent efficacy in hair reduction with acceptable and transient adverse effects.”

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