Sunday, October 26, 2008

Managing Age spots

Age spots are generated by aging and sagging of skin as well as by ruthless exposure to sun ray. This skin problem can be managed by some simple remedies which can be originated from the common kitchen ingredients. But before applying a remedy, it is important to know wherefrom age spots are originating.

Skin is the reflection of life style. It has been researched that unless the life style is full of stress and tension age spots are not created early there. That is the reason while managing the existence of age spot one should modify his/ her life style and try to lead stress less life; at least a no-impact reaction for stress has to practice first.

Apart from age and genetic problems, age spot occur with the young stars also by excessive exposure to sun. Prevention of any skin problem is quite demanding and expects that the affected person needs to maintain regular sun protection. Before going out, one should apply 15+SPV sun protection cream to get a shield form ultra violet rays and it is wise, not to make any sun exposure between 11-4 pm because during this period maximum radiation of ultra violet ray is found that may cause age spots.

The sunscreen needs to be applied before 20 min to manage a sun exposure.

A healthy and balanced diet is the way to prevent skin pigmentation and thus causes a natural prevention for age spot initiating anti ageing process. Regular intake of 7-8 glasses of water flushes inside toxin of body that helps in neutralizing age spots and blemishes.

Fresh milk, soy products, numerous fruits, and green vegetables provide immunity to prevent age spot. Apart from milk and fruits, nuts and nut-seeds are to be consumed to prevent further occurrence of age spot.

In the range of home remedies, lemon juice works well in removing age spots and you have to continue it for at least three weeks.

The fleshy part of green papaya need to applied in the age spot zone; although it takes time to remove age spot by home remedies, it is effective and does not have any side effect and costs nothing at all.

Rice water, rice based drink, applied on age spot minimize the effect. Red sandal paste with rose water helps to remove age spots and regular application of Aloe Vera plant and basil extract is also helpful in managing the ugly age spot on skin.

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