Sunday, October 26, 2008

Regimen for Skin Redness and Dark Spots With Acne

Step 1: Wash with cleanser
Step 2: Apply a skin lightener when you have dark spots (optional)Step 3: Apply a pimple spot treatment to pimples (optional)
Step 4: Apply sunscreen (non-optional)
Step 5: Apply SPF-containing makeup

Step 1: Wash with cleanser
Step 2: If needed, apply pimple medication to pimples (optional)
Step 3: If needed, apply skin lightener to dark spots (optional))
Step 4: Apply a moisturizer to dry areas if you have combination skin (optional)

In the morning, use a salicylic acid cleanser or anti-inflammatory cleanser to clean your face. If dark spots are present, apply a skin-lightening gel to them. If you are having acne or active breakouts, apply a pimple-control product to pimples, and take it with you to use if needed during the day. Next, apply sunscreen and makeup if desired.
In the evening, follow the same regimen, omitting the sunscreen, and including a moisturizer if needed.

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