Sunday, October 5, 2008

Skin Care – Antioxidants Skin Care Products

Effective skin care requires management and prevention of free-radical damage resulting from oxidization. Antioxidants skin care products work to naturally fight and defend against cellular membrane damage caused by free-radicals.

Oxidization is a normal occurrence. When oxidization occurs, free-radicals are emitted. They in turn attack cells in our bodies…all cells. In particular, damage seems to be targeted towards cell membranes. Free-radicals can damage internal organs as well as the skin and lead directly to pre-mature skin aging.

Antioxidants, either naturally derived through our diets or through the use of antioxidants skin care products, fend off pre-mature aging of cells and block free-radicals.

It has been shown, and indeed has been clinically studied, that our bodies are not programmed to “die”. It is in fact the accumulation of cell damage that slowing eats away at our bodies. Cellular damage can lead to wrinkle development, dry skin, blemishes and internal organ dysfunction.

Free-radicals destroy pigmentation which leads to why many of us have gray hair. Skin pigmentation begins changing due to melanin changes and we begin seeing age spots, liver spots, sun spots and discoloration. Vein and capillary wall and valve structure deteriorates and dark circles under our eyes become more noticeable as do spider veins and varicose veins.

It sounds like a lot to blame on free-radicals, but it’s true. Oxidization, just as in the rust developing on your favorite garden tool, changes the chemical make-up of cells and effectively destroys them.

Preventing damage with a proper skin care regimen that includes antioxidants skin care products helps defend against pre-mature skin aging as well as providing vital moisture and hydration necessary for healthy cell rejuvenation.

Popular antioxidants include many fruits and vegetables and are found naturally in some herbs and plants. They not only provide natural defensive against damage, they provide nutrients and moisture for skin growth. Green Tea and Idebenone are common in skin care products.

Often used in serums or creams, Green Tea and Idebenone are very effective antioxidants. When combined with skin firming agents and ingredients such as Aloe Vera or grape seed oil, you get antioxidants skin care products that soothe and repair damage from photo-aging, sun exposure, cosmetics or pollutants, while healing dry, rough or aging skin.

Grape seed oil is known to improve collagen and elastin production – improving the skin’s elasticity and pliability. Vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E are also popular ingredients in that they are natural antioxidants and can be topically applied or taken orally.

Help protect dermal layers with an effective skin care regimen that includes antioxidants skin care products. They will help heal and repair, as well as prevent, further damage from oxidization and scavenging free-radicals. You’ll be rewarded with a younger-looking and more youthful complexion and improved skin health.

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