Sunday, October 5, 2008

Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Skin Pigmentation is caused by excess production and clumping of the skin pigment ‘melanin’ with the appearance of darker brown or even black spots of pigmentation in skin.

Treatment for skin pigmentation depends on the underlying cause of the brown or black patches, however intense pulsed light therapy effectively removes most types of skin pigmentation.

Intense pulsed light cannot be used universally for skin pigmentation problems.
All skin pigmentation should be diagnosed correctly before treatment is undertaken.

Intense pulsed light vs laser skin pigmentation treatment.

Intense pulsed light [IPL] has now largely replaced laser skin pigmentation treatments. Intense pulsed light is more affordable, comfortable, faster and has the added benefit of removing unwanted capillaries and stimulating collagen for healthy skin production in the same treatment session.

Skin pigmentation causes.

Pigmentation of the skin results from:

· sun exposure , this does not necessarily entail sun baking: as we drive, put up washing, walk to the shops, minutes of exposure over years cause damage.

· hormonal pigmentation in women caused by the contraceptive pill or pregnancy (melasma, cholasma)

· injury to the skin from burns, chemical peels, laser treatments or acne causes hyperpigmentation

· birthmarks

Skin Pigmentation Treatment.

1.Skin pigmentation caused from sun damage responds well to intense pulsed light treatments.
Freckles, sun spots, liver spots and age spots are the names commonly used.

Intense pulsed light creates a more even skin colour by
gently and progressively fading hated pigmentation marks, so you:

· feel comfortable wearing a dress that shows your chest, shoulders or back.

· stop worrying about the appearance of your hands

· feel comfortable going out in public without makeup on

2. Melasma can respond to intense pulsed light when it is used in combination with pigmentation lightening products.

3. Most birthmarks respond well to Intense pulsed light providing an affordable, painless treatment to assist in fading.

4. Hyper pigmentation should never be treated with lasers or intense pulsed light because it will make the skin pigment worse. Prescription lightening agents can provide assistance.

Do you want your skin pigmentation diagnosed to find out your treatment options?

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Skin pigmentation removal at SkinRevision Brisbane

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· Our staff have thousands of hours experience and thorough understanding of intense pulsed light and laser science

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