Friday, November 7, 2008

how can cover freckles of on babies face

My son is 14 years old this year, starting measuring to grow a little amount freckle up from 9 years old, now more and more, the surroundingses of mouth all had.Excuse me, what method valid, and don't stay trace, don't influence beauty.Thanks
Although treatment the freckle isn't easy, can pass a series of method to carry on a prevention to control perhaps, avoiding freckle aggravating."When people discover when long freckle was particularly young child's face to grow freckle, oneself will notice face hygiene and nursing, the growth which avoids freckle along with the age increases to aggravate continuously."
Keep freckle from aggravating, avoid sunlight irradiation, spring the stanza goes out in summer should wear to hide a sun hat, sun block, should not abuse outside medicine, so as not to hurt a skin.For the puberty little male young girl, the work and rest of the regulation, dulcify of mood, contribute to keeping freckle from aggravating.In addition, reasonable food and nourishment can also keep freckle from aggravating, adding vitamin E more, can have function of dispeling the spot.

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