Tuesday, November 4, 2008

how can i remove the freckles on my face?

there are a lot of freckles on my face, but i don't want to go to hostpital.so Want to ask veryone the nature of method that can remove freckles.
Medicine treatment:the assistance use a medicine a tasty vitamin C, a 0.2~0.4 gs, on the 1st 3 times;Or vitamin E, a 50 mgs, on the 1st 3 times, continuous few months.The medium patent medicine can choose six yellow pills, can reinforce body fluid to restore virility, sweet pill one pill once, slice 8 slices once, capsule 8 grains once, all there is certain curative effect 2 times on the 1st.Apply the refrigeration treatment freckle of carbon dioxide laser or liquid nitrogen in recent years, there is also better curative effect, but be limited by the comparison sheet shallow freckle only.
Daily life:should notice to avoid light, keep sunlight from keeping shooting face, should wear to hide a sun hat or beat a dry umbrella while going out, can also Be exposing outside the part to defend to insolate a cream.

Use half toma to wring ground go to a paste form, add again two drops of glycerin, put into the refrigerator, spread face last time everyday, insist a period of time the freckle natural concealed back.

To eat fruit greens of containing the dimension C more periodical do to dispel a spot nursing and live and have to have regulation to keep early hour to the beauty salon, the freckle skin resides stem more, chooses to use milk or the almond airtight etc. cosmetics, moistens a skin, in summer avoid light insolation.

Self-made emergency mask;
The white tuckahoe grinds;Use honey concordance, spread noodles every night.

I am black and ugly to grind;Use an egg pure in harmony with the nighttime spread noodles, morning to wash go to, the outside apply is 3% oxygen water, canning temporarily be valid, can also a apply goes to back scraps with 3% lactic acids everyday.Freckle frost canned be also used 60% or so three chlorine acetic acidses by professional doctor to order to carry on chemistry to shell to take off, sold outside is some and can also use.In addition to above-mentioned of use a medicine treatment outside, can also use the liquid nitrogen of short time to spray fog refrigeration, the Chinese herbal medicine uses a product treatment outside.But the result of the above-mentioned treatment usually unsteady.

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