Sunday, November 2, 2008

what causes freckles

cause of information fo freckles.if we want to get rid of the freckles,we must konw what causes freckles.
"Freckle" is caused by the heredity gene.

The " freckle inherits gene "cheese Anne of the base layer a sour enzyme activity to increase under the irradiation of ultraviolet ray, formation melanin since freckle, also call gene spot, it become expect to is a gifted fixed body in the embryo.The hereditary freckle cent shows a form spot with invisible spot, showing a form spot about at 6-12 years old start becoming, 18 years old or so arrive high peak;But invisible spot then mostly after the pregnant reflect now after face, this reason being why someone is divided into the inborn freckle to the freckle and the day after tomorrow freckle of reason, being pregnant in fact the endocrine of pregnant woman will rise to change very greatly, will stimulate hidden freckle explosion to come out, not say its freckle is the day after tomorrow to grow.As long as is a freckle is caused by the heredity gene.The heredity of freckle has the atavism this kind of characteristic, this is also why say some parents' both parties all have no freckle, but its kid appear the reason of freckle.Although a square of the parents or both parties' freckle didn't present, it one square or both parties take some freckle heredity gene, pass a kid.

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