Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Under Eye Dark Circles Treatment - Find the Most Effective Product

By Elizabeth Simpson

Under eye dark circles happen because of leaking red blood cells. The skin under our eyes contains a lot of tiny blood vessels. These blood vessels transport blood cells. But because of bad circulation, some of those cells leak to the surface layers of the skin. The dark color of blood will then cast a dark blue appearance under the eyes.

Most of the eye cream products in the market only work in lightening the skin. They contain illuminating ingredients. These products might even enhance the appearance of under eye dark circles because the skin becomes paler and more translucent. The underlying cause of the problem is not corrected.

You should look for an effective product that can really put an end to the blood leaking process. Unfortunately for us, leaking cells is a normal occurrence. It also happens to our other vessels. But you can lessen the haemoglobin component that give cells their vivid red color.

You should look for a product that contains the following ingredients:

This ingredient can effectively lessen haemoglobin. It shouldn't harm your blood circulation in any way because the cells that leaked to the surface layers of the dermis are useless. You can safely remove some of their haemoglobin components. This will then immediately lessen the appearance of dark marks under the eyes.

Leaking cells become very obvious due to thin skin. The skin under our peepers is thinner than the rest of our facial skin. In order to improve the thickness of the dermis, you should use this ingredient. It is comprised of functional keratin, the protein needed to boost the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin can improve dermis strength and elasticity.

Improve cellular circulation so you can lessen the likelihood of cellular leaking. This ingredient can do that. It is comprised of natural peptides. These peptides will spruce up the core functions of the cells.

Phytessence Wakame
You can lessen the appearance of numerous eye skin problems is you keep hyaluronic acid intact. This acid is responsible for supplying moisture to collagen. This will prolong young-looking dermis. But this acid is attacked by harmful enzymes in the body. Phytessence Wakame is there to get rid of enzymes.

An ideal under eye dark circles treatment is comprised of these ingredients. You should look for natural products with these ingredients if you want to have vibrant and young-looking eyes.

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