Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment

If you suffer from dark circles under the eye, you know how cumbersome it is to find dark circles under eyes treatment that works. You are probably tired of people asking about your sleep patterns. Since most people think dark circles under the eye occur due to lack of sleep. However, dark circles under the eye occur due to myriad of things including excess pigmentation, dilated blood vessels around the eye, aging, and some medication and usually compounded by airborne allergies that exacerbate the condition.

Things you need to treat dark circles under your eyes:

  • Papaya
  • Tomato juice
  • Almond juice
  • Vitamin C and Iron
  • Cucumber or potatoes
  • Water
  • Injection Fillers
  • Fruits and vegetables
  1. Obtain papaya and tomato juice from your grocery store. Take the papaya peel and slice. Mix the papaya with tomato juice to form a smooth paste then apply to your eyes. This treatment is often used by some who suffers from dark circles under the eyes and seen results.
  2. Buy almond juice from your local health food store or other retailer. Take some of the almond oil and massage under the eye nightly before you retire to bed for approximately three weeks. This will reduce the dark circle under the eye as well as around the eyes.
  3. Increase your intake of Vitamin C and iron. Vitamin C and iron usually reduce dark circles in some sufferers, and you can buy these items or increase your intake of foods rich in these Vitamins such as skinless chicken and pepper to obtain the necessary nutrition.
  4. Buy cucumber and cut into slices. Take the slices and place them over the eyes. They will reduce swelling around the eyes as well as lighten the skin under the eyes. Do this for at least two minutes daily, and you should see improvement in two weeks or more. Substitute potatoes if you do not have cucumber, it has the same effect as the cucumber. Cut the potatoes into thin slice and leave on your eyes for a minimum of five minutes.
  5. Drink more water and add more fruits, vegetable and fiber to your diet. A hydrated body not only helps your kidney function well, but it helps reduces dark circles under your eye.
  6. Get sufficient rest if your dark circles are due to lack of sleep.
  7. Treat your dark circles with tea bags after you finish using. Take the tea bag and place over your eyes for roughly fifteen minutes twice daily for about two to three weeks and you should see some improvement.
  8. Buy mint and lime at your favorite supermarket. Take your food processor and grind the mint leaves then add one or two drops of lime juice to form a paste. Apply the mixture to your eyes for about fifteen minutes for a couple of weeks, and your dark circles would be less apparent.
  9. Contact a plastic surgeon or dermatologist for filers. Injection fillers are widely used to increase the fat under the eyes. These injections are successful because they cover up the melanin under the eyes. Treatment lasts approximately six months and can cost anywhere from $500 to $800. The drawback to these types of treatment it causes side effects including swelling as well as bruising and allergic reactions.

Tip: If one treatment does not work to your satisfaction, try another until you find one that works for you.

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